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I recently read your book, HAIKU THERAPY, which I have been reading and quoting from all week. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and musings. I Haiku' ed (is that a word?) myself out of a dreadmare in the twilight phase of dreaming last night. Then slept deep and peacefully afterward. I share this so you know that your writing has touched and aided another soul.

In gratitude and with blessings....Diann P.

This book is for those of us who are not very spiritual or inward thinkers. Where other books of this nature have failed, Mr. Korba's writings have touched that inner part of me which seldom see the light of day. His words flow like a symphony from verse to verse, a verse or two like that morning cup of coffee. Such a treat....M. Ann Bornstein

A rare gem of a book that directly and honestly addresses most problems that all people share. I loved reading it not only for its basic common sense and therapeutic benefits, but Haiku Therapy is just beautifully written in an ancient poetic form. It is soothing to the soul, relaxing, and often funny. When you have no time to waste, and you desperately need a quick pick-me-up in your down moments, this little book delivers relief quickly and gracefully. I highly recommend it!...L.C. Mandall

From page one I was already deeply moved by the haiku poetry of T.A. Korba. In such simple elegence and humor, the way he reflects on the world and on common human conditions and thoughts has stuck in my brain and inspired me. In the same way Kahlil Gibran's poetry in The Prophet has lasted the test of time, I see Haiku Therapy carrying it's messages and affecting the lives of all those with the fortune of reading it. I plan on buying more copies as Christmas gifts. Definitely good for the soul!...Shiva

This book is great! I highly recommend this title. An inspiring read, offering a pleasant mix of humorous observations and profound thoughts. A must have for your personal library. Makes a great gift too!

found myself thinking in terms of haiku poetry. It truly is an interesting way of processing your thoughts through a creative outlet.

If only world leaders could solve issues with haiku, the world might be a more peaceful place....H. Mickley

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